Airbnb mapIt’s not often that an article that was written 3 years ago remains relevant on the internet. Especially if that article relates to online marketing!

In the article, Key to Hotel SEO is Reinforcing your Locality, Tim Capper indicates that you need to reinforce your location. In other words, as a host, you need to understand WHY people stay in your area vs. another part of town and sell that. What if you don’t know why your guests opted to stay in the burbs rather than downtown? Ask them 🙂 Often when people book your room or house, they will indicate what is bringing them to the area. Why not make a list? e.g. to renew their passport, to work at the nearby hospital, to consult for a nearby IT firm, etc.

Then in your listing you can mention proximity to these “reasons” or advise how to get there using public transportation, etc.

A common problem that I hear about is guests finding the beach to be further than they expected – this is an easy problem to have when a host posts a gorgeous view of the water and prospective guests feel that this water might be right at their doorstep – when in reality it is a 15 minute walk from their doorstep! Best way to combat that? Indicate in your listing or on your website how far you are from the beach – and use a variety of metrics to share this information such as metres, yards, kilometres, miles, blocks, time.

Why do guests choose your location over others? Go and add that to the title of your listing 🙂