As I prepare to leave my current Airbnb, I am wigged out about the whole comforter situation… the checklist for leaving the house requests that you strip the bed BUT NOT THE COMFORTER! And yes… that statement is in large bold letters!


We stayed there for two weeks. We did stuff in bed. Like eat 🙂 And you’re going to make the next guest use the blankets we used? How many guests ahead of us used those same damned blankets?

As an Airbnb host myself, I switched to duvet covers a few months into hosting. I was washing two sheets and two blankets per guest – even if they only stayed one night! I was becoming overwhelmed with laundry so I switched to using duvets – if you are not familiar, duvets are essentially comforters that go inside of a cover.

I used to think that I would not find duvet covers that are as snazzy as some of the comforters I have seen (ala bed in a bag) but I was wrong – there are some gorgeous ones on Amazon such as this 5 piece Myra navy one. And added bonus… THEY’RE CLEAN!

I’m sure you are wondering what happened with blankets in our Airbnb… well I did strip them off the bed and put them in a pile with the sheets – and left a note for the cleaners that I strongly suggest they wash the blankets. So as not to seem too b*tchy I also mentioned that the towels on the ironing board were washed and dried and that two of the four bedrooms had not been used, therefore I had closed the doors. I tried to be helpful and perhaps save the cleaner some time so they could WASH THE DAMNED BLANKETS!