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Are you looking to have someone setup your house on Airbnb and show you the ropes along the way? So much has changed over the years and it is so easy to make a mistake that can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I can help you get set up and prevent these common mistakes (which are often due to the interface of the Airbnb Platform) and learn how to maximize your future revenue.

You can then start to take the helm on your own and reach out for consulting advice as you go or I can manage the entire operation on your behalf.

Drop me an email and tell me about your house!

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  • Are you already listed on a short term rental platform such as Airbnb?
  • Describe the assistance you feel you might need.

“…The location of Darlene’s house was excellent! A short drive to many major attractions, and bus stops were within walking distance. We had no issues getting where we needed to quickly…

~ Adam

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